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Consumers have the power to change corporate behaviour.
Here are 5 simple things that you can do to support and promote quality employment in the Irish hotel industry:

  1. Choose Fair Hotels for meetings, conference and leisure.
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  2. Tell friends, family and like minded individuals and organisations about the campaign and get them to support it too. Send them a link to the website via the Links at the bottom of this page.

  3. Encourage Fair Hotels to keep doing the right thing. When making your reservation and settling your bill, let them know you choose them because they're Fair.

  4. Persuade other hotels to start to do the right thing. Tell them they will only benefit from your patronage if they make the switch to treating workers fairly.

  5. Let the workers in Fair Hotels know that you support their campaign for quality jobs in their industry.

    Next time a Fair Hotels worker plans your meeting, manages your conference, comes to your rescue when the power point refuses to work, takes your room booking, checks you in, cleans your room, turns that heavy mattress you are sleeping on, waits on your table, serves you drinks, brings you room service, gives you tips on the local hotspots or calls you a taxi tell them they have your support.

    Just a word or two of support from you will be a great encouragement for them to keep fighting for what's right for their industry.



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